カツラ, Blaine
Blaine was a former member of Team Rocket joining because of his interest in science conducting experiments on some of Reds future Pokeacutemon namely Gyarados and Eevee. But after hearing of Reds clashes with Team Rocket like protecting Mew from Team Rocket Blaine left attempting to make up for his evil deeds. When Red reached Cinnabar Island Blaine was under attack by members of Team Rocket and their newly captured Moltres on loan from Sabrina. Blaine had his Rapidash carry Red to his Pokeacutemon Lab who in return let Blaine use his Gyarados to hold off Moltres where Red was able to revive an Aerodactyl from a fossil. Aerodactyl helped rescue Blaine and defeat Moltres. Later Blaine asked Red to help him in Cerulean Cave. While he was working under Team Rocket Blaine combined some of Mews DNA with his own to create a hybrid Pokeacutemon named Mewtwo. Some of Blaines hand was infected with Mewtwos DNA and thus he was able to track the synthetic Pokeacutemon. Because of this Team Rocket attempted to abduct Blaine to review Mewtwos whereabouts. Using the Master Ball Red was able to capture Mewtwo for Blaine. The psychic bond between Mewtwo and Blaine limited them both. If they were apart for too long both would begin to become ill. Blaine worked for several years trying to find a way to sever the bond without hurting either of them. During the Cerise Island incident Sabrinas Spoons of Destiny paired Blaine and Yellow together in the fight against the Elite Four. Together they confronted Lance. However the bond between Mewtwo and Blaine proved to be their undoing and they were defeated leaving Yellow to face Lance alone. Later during the Mask of Ices plot in Johto Entei chose Blaine to be its partner. The healing power of Enteis flames was finally able to cut the link between Mewtwo and Blaine and the two were free to live their lives apart from each other. Although hes serious for most situations he also had his comical moments like getting his moustache burnt when he was training and had to use fake ones. Sometimes he may also use riddles to lighten up dark atmosphere. Source: Bulbapedia