Forte Sherard

フォルテ・シェラルド, For-chan
Birthday:Dec 24
Forte is a very patient boy always putting up with Sun. He is a good cook and dislikes when Sun makes him crossdress. Forte and Sun are both examinees in the Magic Exam. When they learn that Nina has accidentally swallowed the Crystal Pearl they kidnap her planning to keep her for the remainder of the exams. While Sun was enjoying time with Nina both of them eating cake together Forte was complaining about having to watch over her for so long. When Sun heard this she suggested they kill Nina and then extract the pearl. Sun and Forte constantly go after Nina in attempts to get the pearl but they always fail. Forte is rather intent on completing the exams however this is rather difficult considering Sun has been known to ruin their plans. In the sequel Modotte Mamotte Lollipop we learn that two years after Zero and Ichii passed the exam that Sun and Forte passed as well. They are now contestants in the Advanced Magical Exams. When they realize that Nina has once again swallowed the item needed to pass the exams they plan to capture her though this time they dont intend on killing her. Instead they explain that they will keep her in a giant bird cage until the end of the exam. Sun Forte and the other contestants join Ninas school to keep an eye on her and collect shards of the Crystal Drop when they get the chance. They play a rather minor role in the rest of the series. Source: Wikia