きゅー, Wonder Cat
Kyuuchan is Hinata pet cat. Kyuuchan is a white cat with light pink ears front paws small black eyes pink socks and a black bow tie. Kyuuchan is an extroverted playful and charismatic cat who can make friends with anyone and anything. He tends to take on human characteristics such as walking bipedal wearing aprons hats and scarves. Hes very attached to Hinata and likes to collect things and make them his friend. Kyuuchan is somewhat naive and childish in nature. Once when Hinata was crying from cutting onions Kyuuchan offered him some toys to cheer him up. He also tried to stick bandaids on Hinatas face to heal him after Hinata expressed sadness about having spent a lot of money that month. He also did not have much monetary understanding as Mari had to explain to him that 5 yen was not enough to buy a lamp. He will believe almost anything Hinata tells him such as Santa delivering gifts a magic towel or an arrow dodging school. Kyuuchan is incredibly strong. Hes able to do feats Hinata has trouble with such as opening jars. He was also able to lift several 10kg bags at once at a construction site. He has trouble with sour things namely lemons and oranges. When in presence his mouth pluckers up. Source: Fushigi Neko no Kyuuchan Wiki edited