Gertrud Barkhorn

ゲルトルート・バルクホルン, Trude
Birthday:Mar 20
Eighteen year old Witch from Karlsland a Flight Lieutenant formerly of the Luftwaffe JG 52. Quiet efficient and private Gertrud tends to support her comrades from the shadows. Her naturally calm attitude grants her great battlefield stamina allowing her to rack up an impressive shotdown tally. A longtime acquaintance of Minna and Erica she is often seen supporting the former. In flight she gains the features of a German Wirehaired Pointer. For battle her armament consists of an MG42 MG131 or MG151 which she dual wields. Her Striker Unit is based on the FockeWulf Fw 190D6 and her pilot archetype is Gerhard Barkhorn. Source: Wikipedia