Tomomi Harukawa

春川 知美
The Kuraki039s faithful servant. She is described as a container for Yuriko039s Lust and subsequently has had intercourse with everyone in the mansion even though her exploits with Yuriko and Sayaka are merely hinted at. Tomomi is the first person to show Suzuna the 039Forbidden fruit039 and later in the series falls in love with her. She is rejected by Suzuna and humbly bows to Koichi opting to be her best friend and maid instead. She is present for the Expecting Moon Ceremony where her and Sayaka are Subjected to a grotesque Bukkake scenario. Her whereabouts are unknown at the finale but it is hinted at in the 4th episode that her and Sayaka will be alright after all the events are done and over with. Info from: Wikipedia