A young woman who specializes in the art of healing Otsuru is an excellent cook and adores fireworks. She is the one who discovered Afro in the shrine after he lost the Number Two headband as a boy and took him to Sword Masters dojo where he befriended Jinno. When she is introduced as Okiku she has once again found Afro in a neardeath state having been blown off a cliff by an RPG fired by Brother 6 and badly poisoned by an arrow in a fight with Soshun she bandages him and takes him to her home to heal. She and Jinno survived the attack that was meant to claim the Number Two headband from Sword Master and they were both saved by the Empty Seven Clan. Apparently some time after the events at Sword Masters dojo she became an agent working for Brother 1 of the Empty Seven Clan. She possesses the unique ability to siphon memories from people as they dream and did this to copy down Afros sword style to be used to complete the Afro Droid. She was also supposed to kill him should the opportunity ever present itself but she finds herself unable to after having sex with him. She remarks that she still thinks of him as the same innocent boy she knew so long ago revealing to him that she is actually Otsuru. Brother 2 of the Empty Seven then kills her for failing to carry out her mission and betraying the Empty Seven. Otsuru apparently had a strong emotional effect on Afro as seen when in Episode five Afro calls out her name twice in his grief over the friends that he has lost. Adult Otsuru Voiced by: Kelly Hu Young Otsuru Voiced by: Tara Strong