ケインツェル, Ascheriit
Koinzell is a new name taken by one of the falselylabeled Lances of Betrayal Ascheriit. Back in his youth he was an orphan who was accepted as a student in Ms. Gleaa039s school of swordsmanship where he accomplished such feats especially the learning of the infamous Black Wing sword technique that made him the new heir of the title of Blade Master an ancient honour for those deemed true master swordsmen. He then became one of the fourteen youths chosen to carry the Emperor039s spears and end the war with Wischtech and was also one of the four to accomplish their mission only to be betrayed and brutally murdered by their fellow companions those who became known as the Seven Heroes. After having his left eye gouged out by Glenn his best friend and his body minced to pieces he was left for dead but managed to survive by feeding on a fairy which regenerated him at the expense of mixing his human blood with that of the faeries thus giving him the appearance of a feminine child with pale hair and skin and red eyes. Koinzell is regarded as one of the best fighters in the series due to not only to his swordsmanship which include the fabled Black Wing but also because he can create massive black chainswords from his right wrist. He is shown to be usually cold and very brutal and ruthless when hunting down those who betrayed him but can also be very caring often putting himself at risk for others. That is due to that although revenge motivates him he is still the hero which he was before being betrayed by his friends. He is empowered by the twin moons of the world and if too fatigued he shrinks into a child fairy until recovered.