Breed: Akita inu Reika is owned and lives with humans. Her father was an Ou soldier and she helps Gin by getting him food when when he is returning from a mission to Ou. Unfortunately Hougenrsquos soldiers spot her and follows her. She is saved by the Saint Bernard Hiro and tells him about Gin. Later on she is taken as a hostage by Hougen to make Gin and his group surrender. Reika feels horrible. She feels that it was her fault the Leader of Ou got caught. Reika tries to escape Hougen but gets caught once more. After a while John and Hiro comes to save her. As John decides to go back and fight Hougen Reika stays with Hiro and together they start searching for Weed. Soon they find him and Reika joins him group to find more dogs to defeat Hougen. In the final battle Reika tries to drown Hougen by pushing into a river. She falls in it herself too and almost drown but is George saved her. After Hougenrsquos death Reika falls in love with Hiro and together they get some puppies. Source: