Breed: Shiba inu Sasuke was under Nero’s command when he met Weed. He joins Weed and GB for awhile until they reach a camping ground where Sasuke's old human family used to camp every summer. Sasuke is reunited with his family, but he makes a short attempt to escape when he sees Gin. He tells Gin about Weed and is then "captured" by his owner again. Afterwords, Sasuke meets Hougen’s minions in town who is rounding up soldiers. Before he leaves his family, he meets Hook who goes with him. Sasuke becomes witness to John’s death and joins Weed’s group once more afterwards. When Weed’s group enters the South, Sasuke is with GB and Kyoshiro out looking for food, when he gets captured by the monkey leader Shougun’s soldiers. He is saved by Yukimura and left alone. Sasuke has a hard time finding his way back and gets lost. Exhausted he drags himself out to a road where a car stops. He here meets the beautyfull female Choko. Her owner takes him in for care, but before the owner has healed him, Sasuke escapes. He runs to Ou to tell Gin about the trouble in the South. After the final battle against Shougun, Sasuke falls in love with Choko who unfortunately doesn’t show the same feelings for him -- From the manga (Source: