Birthday:Nov 1
Blood Type:O
Three Kingdoms counterpart: Wu Rong Horoscope: Scorpio Age: Height: 163 cm Three Sizes: B95 W59 H92 Manga version Hakufus widowed extremely promiscuous and flirtatious mother a strong fighter and a loving yet strict mother who is not above getting drunk at parties with her daughter or pummeling her into the floorboards. She unexpectedly moves in with Koukin and Hakufu. While she teases Koukin for his crush on her daughter she is against the idea of Koukin and Hakufu being in a romantic relationship. She accepts Hakufus fate and shows no resistance whenever her daughter faces her apparent doom. However when she found out that Kakouton protected Hakufu from the Ugan gang she becomes more optimistic about everyones attempts to change their fates. Anime version She is otherwise the same except that she is much stronger in the anime. She regularly punishes Hakufu especially when Hakufu calls her an old hag. These punishments are usually spankings but can sometimes be something more violent. In one scene she throws Hakufu through a door. Despite being inactive she is still a very skillful fighter. She was able to defeat Toutoutsu and his Ugan gang after they attack Koukin and Hakufu outside their home. She is attracted to Kakouton and flirts with him whenever they meet leading Kakoutons friends to think they are in a relationship. Also she seems to approve of Koukins crush on Hakufu more in the first series she once took Koukins pillow then put it in Hakufus bed and encourages him to sleep next to Hakufu much to his embarrassment.