鬼魔将・朱天童子, Oni Mashou Shuten Douji
Birthday:May 5
Anubis the Dark Warlord of Cruelty is the leader of the four Dark Warlords who serve under the evil emperor Talpa. He uses a sickle and chain as his weapon during battle. His signature attack is Quake With Fear. Japanese Version: His original name in the Japanese version is Oni Mashou Shutendouji Orge Demon General Shutendouji. His yoroi armor which represents Spring is infused with the virtue Chuu Loyalty. Shutendouji Shuten for short is the official leader of the four Mashou and is also the first to betray Arago Talpa. He becomes the second quotshownquot Kaos The Ancient One within the series and later dies repelling Badamon from Kayura thus saving her from captivity. His Choudandou loosely Ultimate Technique is called Ko Rai Sen Red Lightning Flash.