カイリュー, Dragonite, Dragoran, Dracolosse
Kairyu is a draconic bipedal Pokmon with light orange skin. It has large grayishgreen eyes and a round snout with small nostrils. A pair of long thin antennae sprout from the top of its head with a small horn set between them. Its striated underbelly is creamcolored and extends from its neck to the tip of its long tapering tail. It has thick arms and legs ending in three claws each. The leg joints are well defined while its arms have a smooth rounded appearance. Kairyus wings are small relative to its body with teal wing membranes. Despite its bulky build Kairyu is capable of flying faster than the speed of sound. It can circle the globe in sixteen hours traveling roughly 1556mph 2505km/h or about three times the speed of an average airplane. A kindhearted Pokmon with humanlike intelligence Kairyu shows signs of altruism: it is said to save humans from drowning and lead lost or foundering ships to safety. As demonstrated in the anime however it will go on an uncontrollable destructive rampage if its environment is threatened. Kairyu is very rare in the wild typically living near the sea. Some claim that there is an island somewhere in the ocean that only Kairyu inhabit. Source: Bulbapedia Pocket Monsters 2019: