Aisha Belka

アイシャ・ベルカ, Antianeira
Race: Amazoness Height: 175 cm 59 Affiliation: Ishtar Familia past Hermes Familia present Level: 4 Achieved Floor: 45 Status: Strength: I11 Endurance: I4 Dexterity: I11 Agility: I6 Magic: I1 Hunter: ? Fist Strike: ? Abnormal Resistance: ? Magic: Hell Kaios Weapon: Great Podao Zaga Aisha Belka is a member of the Hermes Familia and a former executive member of the Ishtar Familia. Aisha is reliable and is known to adopt a sisterly attitude to those she decides to support. Her character is very respectable and is known for her courage and she has a friendly relationship with Haruhime. She is often very bold when interacting with Bell and when combined with her appearance makes him blush furiously. After saving Haruhime by destroying the first Killing Stone the Ishtar Familia acquired Ishtar charmed her making her unable to disobey the Goddess even if the orders conflicted with Aishas own personal convictions. Once Ishtar returned to Heaven she returned to normal.