影虎, Kage
Breed: Kaiken Kagetora or quotKagequot as he is sometimes called is the son of Kurotora. He is the leader of a small rebellion group just outside the borders of Ou. He joins Weed when he finds out that he is the son of the great Leader of Ou Gin. Kagetora is very impulsive loyal and proud. He and the Great Dane Ken are sent to Kofu to find his parents and Kurotora and make them join Weed. When they return with reinforcements Kagetora and Ken reunites with Weed again. His brothers Harutora and Nobutora joins Kagetorarsquos group while his father runs to the fortress Gajou to defend it against the Great Dane Genba. Kagetora stays a loyal fighter in Weedrsquos pack thoughtout the series. Source: Gingasite.net