Sizhui Lan

蓝思追, Wen Yuan, 温苑, Lan Yuan, 蓝愿
A junior disciple of the Gusu Lan Sect. Born Wen Yuan hes the last remaining blood descendant of the nowextinct Qishan Wen Sect. He was one of the Wen clan remnants taken in by Wei Wuxian shortly before his death but he lost his home for a second time in the first siege of the Burial Mounds. Discovered by an injured Lan Wangji who came searching for Wei Wuxians remains in the aftermath the thenthreeyearold boy fell into a high fever and lost all memories of his past. He was then renamed to Lan Yuan and later presumably given the courtesy name Sizhui in the same year that Wei Wuxian returned to the living world.