Fierce Deity Link

Oni Link
Fierce Deity Link Is The Strongest Mask In Both The Majoras Mask Game And Manga. Sporting Face Paint And A Headband It Seems As If Fierce Deity Link Would Be A Tribal God Of Some Sort. Links Fierce Deity form is popularly referred to as quotOni Linkquot within the The Legend of Zelda community: the word quotoniquot is Japanese for quotdemonquot as well as the Japanese term for the quotitquot player in games like tag and hideandgoseek which is notable considering that the child of the Moon wearing Majoras Mask asks Link to play a game where Link is quotitquot. However while appropriate this name is technically incorrect as it is only half the translation. In the Japanese version the Fierce Deitys Mask was called the Kishin Mask. The kanji for oni demon and kami god combined reads kishin meaning fierce god or fierce deity.