Tamago Tosaka

Tamago is a young, energetic innocent boy who loves everything about B-daman and B-da Battles. He always recall B-daman as his best friend, and believe in the spirit of B-ders. Tamago always play his game fairly, and he usually has his own unique style of playing, without logic. He respects the other B-ders the same way he respects everything about B-daman, and he'll never let a single one humiliate the B-da spirit of all B-ders. Tamago has a total of eight B-damans in the history of Super B-daman series, including his first ever B-daman, White B-daman. All of his B-damans are Power-Type. These are Tamago's B-daman, listed order of B-daman he received. White B-daman (Owned at the beginning of the story, supposedly from his father) Fighting Phoenix (The first upgraded version of OS B-daman, received after White B-daman is destroyed by Ijuin's drive shot) Battle Phoenix (Power-Type PI B-daman, received after Fighting Phoenix is destroyed by Ijuin's Kong Cerberus in the final round of JBA tournament) Combat Phoenix (Power-Type PI-EX B-daman, received at the second round of second JBA tournament) Guardian Phoenix (Power-Type RE B-daman, received at the final round of second JBA tournament) Speed Phoenix (???) Vanguard Phoenix (???) Smash Phoenix (???) Although, Tamago can by clumsy and too innocent at time being, while sighting the world at the bright side. He's not the smartest one after all, but his instinct and power is beyond normal.