Gunma Nishibe

Sniper Gunma of the West
Tamagos best friend and also his longtime rival. Gunma is the most famous Bders from Kanzai who is commonly known as Sniper Gunma or Sniper from the West from his unique accuracy and rapid fire skills. Gunma is a very strategic and intelligent person. His plan always work as effectively as he planned and he may even think of some craziest ever tactics to overcome the enemies. Hes the main man of Team Guts and supposedly the leader of the team. Although unlike Tamago Gunma is more mature and reasoning. He look at both side of the world to observe the good and bad of the situation. However after being friend with Tamago Gunmas mind sometimes becomes outofreason resulting himself trying out many missionimpossible tactics when Tamago is around. Gunma believes that Tamagos spirit and power are beyond normal and he admitted that when Tamago is around anything can be possible. In the history of Super Bdaman series Gunma supposedly has a total of 6 main bdaman excluding his collections of other Bdaman for researching and developing new tactics. All of his Bdamans support his rapid fire skills and his accuracy in Bda Battles. Magnet Bomber Owned at the beginning of the story past about this Bdaman is unknown Wild Wyvern The second upgraded OS Bdaman created after the creation of Fighting Phoenix Valiant Wyvern RapidFire PI Bdaman created after the creation of Battle Phoenix Spread Wyvern RapidFire PIEX Bdaman created after the creation of Combat Phoenix Flash Wyvern RapidFire RE Bdaman created after the creation of Guardian Phoenix Although Gunma is very shorttempered and rarely can be as clumsy as Tamago is. Gunma also hates to be humiliated by some Bders for being in an infamous unknown team like Team Guts and for being weak without power. Gunmas only weak point is that hes scared of ghosts.