Komugi is a blind girl who is a genius at Gung-gi, a fictional board game of Hunter x Hunter. She is introduced during the Chimera Ant arc and frequently plays Meruem, the Chimera Ant King, in Gung-Gi games. Meruem seems to be developing some feelings towards her, despite her being a human.

As of chapter 267, she is severely injured in her midsection, probably as a result of the Diving Dragons attack of Zeno, which he used when both he and Netero stormed Meruem's castle.

After being healed by Pitou and reunited with Meruem, he informs her that he has been infected with a contagious poison and wished to spend his final moments playing against her, but warns that she should leave before long or the poison will spread to her as well. She gladly stays with Meruem and waits with him for the poison to take effect, and dies by his side.