Jack Frost

잭 프로스트, Smirky, Nasty-Smile
Jack Frost is a sinister and mysterious student. He is able to inflict and withstand large amounts of damage and is shown to be a skilled and legendary fighter. Jack declares himself to be both the strongest in Amityville and the death incarnate that nothing can kill. Helmina has stated that he is able to continuously kill and then just smile. He appears to be in some way tied to NohA through a doll given to her by her father presumably before he was killed who also bears the same name. He was asked by Helmina to protect the mirror image and even to 039take her as a lover039 though he declines still wearing his smile. Jack declares that the mirror image is just a tool and in the English version says she should concern herself with his quothomework.quot NohA nicknames him NastySmile or Smirky due to not knowing his name throughout the first few scenes. His smile seems too wide for a face. He seems to respect though slightly indifferently Helmina and treats everyone else as inferior. An interesting point in his full length coat which is torn and shredded at the edges. This appears to heal his body when he is injured as well as rebuild itself. Also his main weaponry is his lightning fast reactions and also blades and armored gauntlets which appear from his lower arms. Source: Wikipedia