Host Samurai
quotHost Samuraiquot is the leader of the vampires who fight against the Gantz players. He appears as a handsome man with shoulderlength light hair. He is shown to be a skilled fighter and swordsman who cares only for himself. When questioned by his partner quotKill Billquot if he would miss her if she died he hesitantly responds that he wouldn039t. He is transported to the Gantz room after killing Kurono and holding onto Suzuki intending to kill him next. Gantz nicknames him quotHost Samuraiquot as a reference to hostesses. He is placed under the same limitations as the other players but later kills members of the Osaka Gantz team. Like the other players Host Samurai is sent free after the Italian mission. With quotKill Billquot he leaves the others and tells her that he doesn039t feel like eliminating them at that moment. Source: Wikipedia