The vocalist and leader of the visual band ZLAY. Ryou first appears when Julia is agonising over keeping her feelings for Ran personally and professionally separate. She easily figures out that Julia is in love and in love with a girl. In fact, Ryou prides herself on having excellent gaydar. She is an intense flirt and a self-proclaimed lady killer, as in many flashbacks, she is always surrounded by groupies or fangirls. However, the entire main cast seems immune to her "charms" and mostly find her to be irritating. According to Ryou herself, she has slept with hundreds of women and need to moderate how many she sleeps with since she can't possibly do them all. She is rather blunt, much to the chagrin of Reki, and always thinks that she knows best. She enjoys making songs about women and yuri. Ryou is best known for showing up when she is least expected (and wanted).