Tsubasa Kurenai

紅 つばさ, Sailor-uniformed woman, Miss Tsubasa
Tsubasa Kurenai is a suitor of Ukyo Kuonji who followed her to Furinkan after she left her old school. Despite appearing to be a girl Tsubasa like most of Ukyos suitors is actually a male to female crossdresser. Prior to the events of the series Tsubasa attended an allboys school which was also attended by Ukyo at the time whod disguised herself as a boy. Tsubasa quickly fell in love with Ukyo and began showering her with gifts but Ukyo had no attraction to Tsubasa. Even after Ukyo left to find Ranma Tsubasa still sent mountains of love letters to Ukyo prompting her to send Tsubasa a letter explaining about her engagement along with a picture of Ranmas female form. Tsubasa ended up having Ukyo agree to let him help her with her restaurant to deliver okonomiyaki decided mostly because she wouldnt have to pay him much. During his deliveries Maomolin who also works parttime at a restaurant but at Shampoos Cat Caf stall instantly fell in love with him and routinely chases him around asking him to be his bride much to Tsubasas dismay. Strangely enough even after Tsubasa reveals to Maomolin that hes actually male Maomolin declares that it doesnt bother him as nobodys perfect. And the chase continues on... Tsubasa also makes use of various disguises mostly during battles but oftentimes for no particular reason than to make an ostentatious appearance out of nowhere. He has made full use of disguising as a tree a letterbox a trash can a vending machine a washing machine and Ucchans Okonomiyaki sign among others. Sourcehttp://ranma.wikia.com/wiki/TsubasaKurenai