Ginji Matsuzaki

松崎銀次, Hitokiri Ginji
Ginji Matsuzaki is the acting wakagashira underboss of Washimine Group. He is currently working as a street stall vendor but was formerly an assassin nicknamed quotHitokiri Ginjiquot Manslayer Ginji due to his use of a katana in combat. His skills in its use are exceptional manifesting themselves in such feats as cleaving bullets in two in midflight. Coupled with his ability to evade gunfire from multiple foes Ginji almost completely eschews the use of firearms. Ginji had protected Yukio for a long time and hoped that she would live out her life normally despite her family039s criminal background. He seems to regret his past as a murderer but is willing to take up arms again for those he cares for. He is killed by Revy in a prearranged duel after he and Yukio realize they can039t defeat Balalaika and the rest of Hotel Moscow. It is interesting to note that although Revy calls Ginji quotJumboquot because of his height the name quotJumboquot may also refer to Takeshi Takeda AKA quotJumboquot from the Yotsubaamp manga series with whom he shares an uncanny appearance.