Takeshi Saehara

Takeshi is Daisukes best friend in school and is the son of Police Inspector Saehara who pursues Dark under the command of Hiwatari Satoshi. He usually serves as comic relief as he is very excitable friendly rude and irresponsible. He is an enthusiastic reporter who uses his fathers contacts to his advantage. However he is rather reckless proven in his plans which Hiwatari often justly criticises calling them ineffective. Saehara also likes to dump his workload such as homework and cleanup duty on Daisuke so he can get out early to find a good spot to get good shots of Dark. In the anime Takeshi bribes students with photos he offers the girls pictures of Dark in exchange for being able to copy their notes and offers Daisuke pictures of Risa Harada in a bikini in exchange for Daisuke cleaning the art room for him.