Towa no Shirube

永遠の標, Towa-chan
She is one of the Hikaris creations but was later released of their services by their last descendant Satoshi. She is the quotsymbol/guide of eternityquot and was originally in the form of a pelican statue on the lighthouse. A very spunky and lively guardian she can only maintain human form at night during the day she is a birdshaped statue or a small bird the size of With. Her first appearance is in volume five where she emerges to assist Daisuke. She appears to have some of her own powers she can find magical things and also successfully guides Daisuke into the mirror of the Sleeping Sage. Later on she begins living in the Niwa household and frequently helps Daisuke whenever she can. In the anime Towa is a bird statue that Dark was to steal from the ruins of an old house that was damaged by a landslide. When Daisuke first finds her statue he calls her very valuable and from then on when she was later released and took the form of a cute young girl she became very loyal and compassionate towards Daisuke. Personality wise she is very optimistic enjoys shopping and cooking compassionate caring and is somewhat of a romantic. Unlike in the manga she is also able to retain her human form during the day and only occupies her bird form when she is weak flustered whenever she gets kissed by Dark or playing with With. She stays with the Niwa family as their house maid. Towa in human form as the Niwa familys maid dresses in the Gothic Lolita style.