Hattori Hanzou

A relative of ShimonoHanzou Hattori this Hanzou is from the Hattori clan of Okazaki in upper Iga hence his being referred to as KaminoHanzou UpperIgaHanzou to distinguish him from the other ninja also named Hanz Hattori including the historical Hanz Hattori who is KaminoHanzs father in this story. While he is a notorious playboy he is currently in a relationship with Sara the daughter of Oda Nobunaga this is a relationship his father reservedly accepts not only because as the manservant of Tokugawa Ieyasu the Hattori clan is current warring against her father but also her fathers aim to obliterate all ninja in Japan. In Volume 7 he told her that she couldnt go on the assignment because she was pregnant. Hanzou compares him to Hikaru Genji from The Tale of Genji in Volume 2. Source: Wikipedia