Akie Akashi

明石 秋江
Considering how well she maintains herself it is difficult to believe that Akie is Kaoru039s actress mother who divorced Kaoru039s father five years ago when Kaoru was delivered into B.A.B.E.L. stewardship. Considering the time frame it is not that much of a stretch to surmise that Kaoru039s father has either been driven off or killed by Kaoru039s Level 7 telekinesis going out of control which frightens Akie right out of administrating over her younger daughter039s childhood development in contrast to Minamoto actually setting limits for Kaoru and enduring the verbal and telekinetic objections thereof. Akie039s inability or unwillingness to see Kaoru as her daughter that happens to be an esper leads her to behave a heavy emphasis upon her work. Source: Wikipedia