Lili Hoshizawa


Really Private Investigator Spica. Actually, she just a substitute of her mother, the "real Spica ". An energetic Aries girl who loves cracking cases. She has a precious ring from her mother that holds the 12 zodiac spirits who give main hints to Lili's cases. She is good with horoscopes and even tells her classmates's horoscopes at school! When she was in kindergarten her best friend was Hiromi Oikawa, who reunites with her when he moves back to Japan from America. Lili's favorite thing to do is go into many disguises and solve cases, and try to stop the mysterious Sirius who thinks she's better than Spica. Her best subject is P.E., considering she is a bit of an underachiever. Lili often comes off as a little clumsy, awkward, and extremely extroverted. [Fr: Wikipedia]