Aldebaran Taurus

牡牛座のアルデバラン / ハスガード, Hasgard
Taurus Aldebaran is the Taurus Gold Saint in Lost Canvas. His name Aldebaran was given to the Taurus Gold Saints because it is the brightest star in the Taurus constellation while his real name is Hasgard. He is noble and a great master who apreciates his friends and students and always smiles. He is master of Teneo Salo and Celintha to whom he once saved their life and the three chose him as their teacher. Aldebaran is said to be the Gold Saint with the fastest attack. His skill with the Iai Position allows him to maintain his arms crossed during the attack. This also allows him to perform the Great Horn a fast technique in which he creates a big blast with his palms. His most powerful attack is Titan039s Nova a more powerful version of the Great Horn with only one arm that Aldebaran normally uses on the ground to destroy all the area. The Iai Position is broken when Aldebaran performs it. Source: Wikipedia