Enshou Honsho

袁紹 本初/麗羽 (れいは), Reiha
Anime version Head of the Noble Yuan family and the Lord of Yuan province she is a proud spoiled and selfish woman who is always causing trouble for her advisers Bunsh and Ganry. She tries hides her true character from Ss whom she sees as a nogood brat. Visual Novel Version A proud person who isnt very bright. She is always using money regardless on how much she has on hand. She has a strong hatred for Ss for a majority of reasons that she herself has. In truth she is very dependent on Bunsh and Ganry and feels alone and scared without them by her side. During the base phase events the player assumes an omniscient perspective instead of from the perspective of Kazuto due to Ensh never have been captured by the Shoku and is instead wandering around China with her subordinates. In the remake Shin Koihime Mus she and her advisors Bunsh and Ganry lend their services to the Shu kingdom though during peacetime she engages in activities that embarrass her advisors and sometimes the Shu kingdom officials as well. wikipedia.org