A Public Safety Devil Hunter from Special Division 1 Kishibe is a grizzled man with scraggly facial hair and a stitched scar running across his left cheek from his mouth. He normally wears the standard Public Safety devil hunter uniform with a large overcoat. He has two piercings on his left ear and one on his right ear. He is often seen with a hip flask which he frequently drinks from. Kishibe is a stoic straightforward individual. Due to his immense strength and skill he often undertakes his work with a calm formality displaying little emotion as he does so. Though he tends to speak in a relaxed polite manner his actions often showcase an immense brutality garnered through many years of Devil Hunting. Though he sometimes expresses emotions such as surprise and sadness at certain events his face and voice remain entirely neutral. Kishibe has been hunting devils for a long time making him somewhat insane. He espouses a belief that the most fearsome devil hunters to devils isnt the brave or the strong but the craziest as they are the ones without fear. He admits that he enjoys booze women and killing devils.