ベルトーゼ, Tragedy King Beltoze
Slade called Beltorze quotthat legendary monster.quot After his fight with Zenon and his squad Beltorze is left weakened and unable to move. Therefore he uses a phantom puppet with his figure to raid and kill innocent towns people and weaker Vandels. His phantom was beaten by Beet in an epic battle. This battle helped Beet grow in fame in the Vandel world and moreover become Beltorze039s awaited enemy. Until that day he grows in power in the mountains as time passes. Shagi calls him the veteran who never moves. It seems as if he cannot move but it is possible he just does not. He considers the Vandel scholar Noa his best friend as one who has the traits he lacks. Beltorze lives for challenges and loves to fight. He will be the fourth sevenstar Vandel to try to kill Beet. Source: Wikipedia