A softseeming and idealistic crew member she is really an android copy created by the Solnoid intelligence chief Catty Nebulart to monitor the development of the quotthird racequot the Terrans. She is determined to see the plan come to fruition and is the only character who survived from the SolnoidParanoid War into the human age. In Gall Force: Earth Chapter Catty is an android built to the specifications found on the Moon of the Catty androids of eons ago. Her personality matches the Catties of former days and searches for a way to end the war between the MME and humans. Her pleas for understanding between the two sides are ignored by both the resistance and Gorn. Shortly before the final battle at the MME citadel Catty passes along valuable information on the MME to the resistance. When Sandy has her fateful confrontation with Gorn Catty is there and may have affected the outcome with her appeals for peace.