レナ, Lena, Rina, Frontier Saint, Macedonian Bishop, Angel to All, Macedon's Angel, Tender Angel
I cannot bear to watch others come to harm when I have the power to help. Lena to Marth Lena Japanese: Rena is a Macedonian cleric and noblewoman and the sister of Matthis. Born into one of Macedons most powerful noble families her mother was herself a cleric in the service of Grusts royal court. Lena spent most of her life in Grust following her mothers death where she traveled the further reaches to heal those in need there during this time she often worked with Camus of the Sable Order and came to respect him. Following the ascension of Michalis to the throne of Macedon Lena was summoned back to the country and was arranged to be married to Michalis Lena refused and fled Macedon to travel around Archanea.2 The reference to Michaliss proposal was omitted in the DS remake. In her travels she came to Pales some time after its fall to Dolhr in the War of Shadows and worked with Rickard to steal from the Dolhroccupied palace to aid the people of Archanea. Afterward after a short stop at Galder Harbor she attempted to travel to the Samsooth Mountains to aid the suffering residents there but was captured by the Soothsires the bandits dominating the mountain range she was released from captivity by Julian a Soothsire who had a change of heart and quit upon meeting her and the two fled the Soothsires to join Marths passing army. At the conclusion of the war she settled down in Macedon with Julian to care for orphans at an convent but during Ruckes uprising in the early days of the War of Heroes she mysteriously disappeared prompting Julian to travel with Marth to search for her. Source: Fire Emblem Wiki