ゴードン, Gohdon, Gordin, Altean Archer, The Ungagged, Gifted Archer
Gordin is a playable character from the Archanea Series of Fire Emblem. A member of the Altean Knights Gordin is initially an inexperienced archer who enlisted in the military to serve Altea. Although Gordin starts off fairly weak and unpolished in his archery he dedicates himself to improving by practising under the master Sniper Jeorge after the War of Darkness eventually returning to his homeland afterwards with his brother Ryan to assist Marth for the second war. Gordin appears to be the youngest of the Altean knights in the first war and the closest to Marth in age. His age is stated to be 20 in Book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem in Takayashiki Hideos novel adaptation although this is not his stated age in the games and is depicted to be much younger than Marth in the anime. He is noted to have an especially youthful appearance for his age occasionally causing others to mistake him to be younger than he actually is. Source: Fire Emblem Wikia