Noise Marie

One of the Exorcists from Tiedolls group. Noise Marie seems to be a tough silent man. His innocence quotNoel Organonquot quotNoel Organonquot? gives him an incredibly strong hearing allowing Marie to hear very low or very distant sounds. It can also be used in an offensive form in the technique called quotVerse of the Saintquot quotVerse of the Saintquot? which forms strings used to capture a victim and conduct a music that can paralyze easily even the stronger Akuma like a very strong poison. He seems to harbor feelings for fellow Exorcist Miranda Lotto because he shows extra care towards her and quotshort circuitsquot when she bit him under the affect of the Komuvitamin D. He has not been seen since the Black Order was cured of the Komuvitamin D virus.