Ryuko Tatsuma

竜間龍子, Dragoon Hero Ryukyu
Dragon Form Quirk: Ryuko has the ability to transform into a dragon a powerful mythological creature.3 This form grants her abilities commonly associated with dragons among which are flight superhuman strength and durability and powerful jaws and claws Her hero costume consists of a dark red traditional qipao with a pale green scale trim around her shoulders which seems to only be slit on the left side and kneehigh boots a strap around her exposed thigh. She wears a matching green headband with four large pale purple claws attached covering the right side of her face and a set of small dragon wings protrude from the back of her head with a number of gold spiked cartilage piercings decorating her left ear. When she activates her Quirk her body transforms into that of a large winged dragon with pale gray scales although she still has the same skin tone hair and eyes and her hero costume remains visible bar her boots.