Manjirou Sano

佐野真二郎, Mikey (マイキー), Invincible Mikey
Birthday:Aug 20, 1990
Age: 15 past 27 future Height: 162 cm Weight: 56 kg Blood type: O He is a founding member and the leader of Tokyo Manji Gang. Mikey is usually a carefree teenager who loves to joke and play pranks around those he considers his close friends. He cares for them greatly and is determined to protect their honor. He rarely shows any sign of weakness as he believes himself to be the foundation and support for Toman and if the pillar himself were to display weakness Toman would also be weakened. As Tomans leader his aura changes dramatically becoming imposing and commanding. While its members respect Mikey they also hold a degree of fear towards him and his immense prowess. He is also concerned for Toman on an individual level as shown when he decides to rally the entire gang to seek revenge for one of its members friend. Over time the events that transpire within the story force Mikey to quickly mature. He is still an incredibly charismatic leader but there is now an underlying melancholy beneath the surface. Source: Tokyo Revengers Wiki