Yukari Kamioka

Birthday:Feb 18
Yukari is one of the first year students at the school who lives in the same dormitory building as Mizuho and Mariya who also is her Oneesama meaning quotOlder sisterquot it is a tradition for the underclassmen to serve their respective senpai any way they can. Much like Kana and Mariya she is a very energetic girl although unlike them she is deathly afraid of ghost stories and anything scary a fact which Mariya has often used for her own amusement and which initially caused some trouble when Yukari met Ichiko. Yukari is on the track and field team along with Mariya though her main reason for joining was due to her older sisterinlaw who had urged her to come to this school and who was also in track and field. However Yukari soon comes to discover that she really does have a liking for track and field and continues activities in the club even after a time of losing much of her selfconfidence.