Kana Suouin

Kana is another one of the girls who lives in the same dormitory building as Mizuho who becomes her Oneesama. Kana is more than happy to serve Mizuho any way she can since she admires him immensely. Kana who like Yukari is a firstyear student has been waiting for the chance to have an Oneesama as she has always been envious of Yukari having Mariya to fill that role. One of the defining features about her is that she often ends sentences with the phrase nanodesuyo. Kana wears a large pink ribbon in her hair which was given to her by the director of the orphanage she lived at for much of her life. Ultimately the director who loved Kana in place of her missing parents died right after giving her the ribbon and due to this she almost never takes the ribbon off. Kana has never seen her mothers or fathers faces.