Edgar J. C. Ashenbert

Edgar is a flirtatious man in his early twenties with very distinctive ash mauve eyes. When he was young his parents were both murdered. As a result he was thrown onto the streets and branded as a white slave. He was subsequently framed as a mass murderer and forced to flee from America for his alleged crimes. Stripped of his honorable name Edgar embarks on a journey to find the famed Sword of Merrow. By obtaining the sword Edgar hopes to assert himself as the quotEarl of the Blue Knightsquot thus acquiring a respectable title and gaining a fabricated sense of honor. In his quest to find the Sword of the Merrow Edgar captures Lydia Carlton believing her eyes to be the key to finding the legendary sword. He is revealed to be in love with Lydia and is frustrated and confused that she continually avoids his advances. He openly shows his love for her and even asks her on the night of his ball to dance only with him lest he becomes jealous. He tells her it makes him uneasy to see her communicate with other men so easily and is rather unnerved by her friendship with Paul. He does however maintain relations with other paramours for some time even after claiming engagement to Lydia which makes her ever more distrustful of his advances. Later he decides to be truly faithful to Lydia alone. He is severely possessive and it has been noted by Lydia that he quotcannot tolerate anything that belongs to him being taken away by anotherquot. This possessiveness extends to Lydia also Edgar has been known to become jealous of many men who appear interested in Lydia or whom Lydia are friendly with. On one occasion when Raven accidentally saw Lydia dressed in a revealing Arabic costume Edgar commands him to forget what he saw. It is later revealed that Edgar was heir to a dukedom the highest rank in the British peerage before his family was murdered. He was then captured by an organization headed by a mysterious figure known only as the Prince. There he was groomed to be the Prince039s successor learning all the knowledge that the Prince possessed including how to ruthlessly make use of the people around him. Later he managed to successfully flee the organization taking Ermine and Raven with him among other supporters. However on more than one occasion Edgar has wondered whether he is becoming more like the Prince by making use of the techniques taught him by the Prince in his quest for survival after his escape. Initially his driving goal was revenge on the Prince for murdering his family no matter the sacrifice. In order to achieve this goal he cares little for his own life. After the Ashenbert family039s banshee saved him at the cost of her own life and entrusted the key to the land of Ibrazel to him however he tells Lydia that his thinking has changed and now he understands that as the current Blue Knight Earl even if he does not possess the ability to see fairies he will persevere and find a way to defeat the Prince as the duty that comes with his title. He also tells her that he will no longer treat the preservation of his own life as cavalierly as he did before.