Raven is 18 years old and Edgar039s personal servant. He is Ermine039s halfbrother. He possesses mysterious green eyes and exceptional fighting skills. It is revealed that Raven is a halfdemon and for this reason he is not acknowledged by many. Edgar has control over the sprite within Raven giving him the power to control Raven and make him do his bidding. According to Raven Edgar would never take advantage of this power. And because Edgar accepts him despite his obscurities Raven is pleased to serve him. He will protect Lydia because she is quotLord Edgar039s Fairy Doctorquot but will compliment or help her even if Edgar doesn039t order him to. He is a kind young man but quiet. Because he was treated as a killing machine in the past Raven has become almost emotionless responding to the commands of those he obeys and very little else. As the series wears on however he begins to show emotions of his own a fact Edgar is glad about. He apparently does not like how young/childish his face appears as he was noted by Ermine to have brooded over how a couple of maids thought he was only 15 years old. He has also pleaded with Edgar on Ermine039s behalf and hidden his suspicions about Ermine from Edgar briefly despite his overwhelming loyalty to Edgar. He appears to be quite fond of Nico Lydia039s cat.