Paul Ferman

Paul is a human in his latetwenties who is trying to become a great artist. He was invited to Edgar039s ball and met Lydia there. While helping Lydia getting Kelpie off of her the moon ring accidentally slipped onto his finger and wouldn039t come off. He seems to be on friendly terms with Lydia though it makes both Kelpie and Edgar uneasy. His inspiration for art are the fairies and he has always loved them but cannot see them so he doesn039t know if they are real or not but likes to believe they are. His father was killed by the Prince039s organization and he has since joined an organization the Scarlet Moon that opposes the Prince039s. Paul had once aspired to be a poet but after meeting Edgar as a child he is persuaded by Edgar to pursue painting instead. Paul is devoted to Edgar for that piece of advice and encouragement. Later Edgar tells Lydia in private that he persuaded Paul to do so because his poetry was so horrible that he would never make a living through it while bad art could find at least find a buyer or two. However despite his slightly dismissive words Edgar remains a faithful customer of Paul039s. After finding out that Edgar had actually inherited the Prince039s memories he still decides to be loyal to Edgar and states that Edgar was merely another victim who sacrificed himself to protect his friends. He takes care of Banshee.