Takako Itsukushima

Birthday: November 16 Takako is the student council president of the allgirls school where the story takes place. She tends to have a serious personality which compliments that of a student council president. As the president she knows that she must be very decisive in her actions and thus cannot often hesitate with her decisions since she knows the students would have trouble following her if she didn039t act as such. As it is Takako herself has stated how she almost never has confidence in herself. In contrast to her usual attitude she has shown herself to have a more gentle side to her character. Eventually she begins to form feelings for Mizuho though while still under the belief that Mizuho is a girl she is at first confused about what she has been feeling. She also has a high fear of ghosts. And she hates frogs the latter fear having been worsened by a childhood 039prank039 pulled by Mariya in anime version. A few years back Takako was invited to join the track and field team during the same time that the election for new student council members was being held. It was not that she didn039t want to join track and field but ultimately she declined their offer and was able to get elected to the student council. After this incident Mariya who is also in the Track and Field Club thought that her response was unforgivable and thus has carried a grudge against Takako ever since. The truth of the matter was that Takako couldn039t handle both the track and field and student council activities simultaneously though Mariya could never accept this as the truth. She also falls in love with Mizuho even before she finds out his secret. Takako goes to Shy University after her graduation.