Jun Sazanami

Birthday:Aug 16
Unit: Eve Club: Tennis Club Circles: Manga Club ASOBI Club A secondyear student at Reimei Academy. Known for his calm and polite attitude towards others when working Jun maintains a good reputation and fits in well with the face of society. Although his public appearance of being polite and levelheaded is well known he can be extremely sarcastic and backhanded in nature once no longer in the public eye. Hes passionate in his work of being an idol and is known to be great at what he does. Despite his calm demeanor he keeps a certain distance from people. While being swayed by the freespirited Hiyori he will seriously accomplish any job hes told to do. A member of the units Eve and Eden. Due to his schools hierarchyfocused structure he speaks very politely to others in workrelated environments. He is otherwise casual and tends to be sarcastic especially regarding any treatment he endures from Hiyori. Source: Ensemble Stars Wikia