Ryofu Housen

呂布 奉先/恋 (れん), Ren
Anime version A silent girl who is the greatest and the most powerful warrior of all in the Kingdoms. She was thought as a monster in the mountains but that all endedup as being a misunderstanding as she was trying to help her pet dogs. After clearing up the misunderstanding she became part of Ttakus faction. She usually does not show any emotion at all but is really a goodhearted person. Visual Novel Version Called a monster by others due to her ridiculous strength. In truth she simply wishes to live peacefully with her pets of which she has about fifty of. She loves Kazuto but initially does not understand the feeling she experiences. When she eats people who look at her cannot help but stare in awe. In the sequel Shin Koihime Mus she joins forces with the Shu kingdom. Source: Wikipedia