Toutaku Chuuei

董卓 仲穎 / 月, Yue
Anime version The Governess of Dong province. However unlike her real life counterpart who was a tyrannical and cruel man she is a kind sweet timid and innocent girl who wants to help her country and her people no matter the circumstance. Due to her innocent personality most are unable to say no to her as they are too helpless against her innocent pleas. Visual Novel Version The ruler of the To empire. Kazuto is instantly surprised by her appearance compared to the Toutaku he read about back in his own world. Due to being victims of the mysterious white soldiers Kazuto takes her and Kaku into his care as maids. Because of his act of kindness she harbors a strong liking for Kazuto and enjoys being his maid. In the remake Shin Koihime Musou she joins forces with the Shu kingdom becoming one of the strategists.