Kichou was sold to the brothel by his father to help pay back some loan sharks. Kichou was often beaten by his father and rarely had any food to eat his classmates sometimes shared left overs with him during lunch though. Kichou says that he isnt related to his father and also tells Kagerou that his mother was a soap lady. He wasnt a virigin when he came to hanafurirou as he tells Kagerou during chapter three of the manga that he has done it with girls and boys. Despite not showing it as much as Kagerou Kichou is fiercely attached to him and even manipulates Kagerou into backing out of taking the ransom which would have helped him get out of the brothel. Kichou told his mizuage partner Touin that he loves him but considering his feelings for Kagerou and the fact that Touin is just work the one he truly loves could be said to be Kagerou. It is later revealed that Kichou is the long lost son of a high standing family and that the woman he considers his mother was actually a servant of the family who took him away to protect him from being murdered.