Satsuki Miura

A very strong very attractive woman Satsuki was a dedicated wife and mother though with a ferocious temper. She was particularly close to Yucircto while alive teaching him how to cook though she also had a very close relationship with her only daughter. Satsuki was killed by a car while crossing the street when Ito was six years old about ten years before the mangas storyline. Satsuki was very supportive of Itos tomboyish tendencies. The reason being that Satsuki herself was very much like Ito in her youth. Her maiden name was Satsuki Aiba. Her mother disappeared when she was 12 and her father died when she was 15. Satsuki was taken in by Mitsuko Miura because the two families were close and that was how Satsuki and Gorocirc met and fell in love before eloping. On the day she died Ito cut her hair for the first time and the last thing she told Ito was to quotlive freely and become the woman she wants to be when she finds the one will move her heart.quot from wikipedia